Urbanage - Ghent case - temporally closure Contributie bridge in Ghent, two directions


As a policy maker in the field urban traffic I would like to have an overview and compare the traffic load in Stadiou street in order to better design the traffic arrangements in the Athens center

STATUS : started

LOCATION : Greece, Athens

TARGET AUDIENCE : policy makers, city officials, city employees, traffic experts


The Athens Dashboard provides the feature of comparing sensors (individuals or grouped) located in the center (e.g. Stadiou street) for 2 time periods: for example one referring to an average working week (1-5 November 2021) and a second one referring to an average vacations week (2-6 August 2021).


The insight on traffic distribution during the day hours for the 2 compared weeks can provide valuable input for decisions and traffic arrangement (e.g. traffic lights automization, street lighting planning, road cleaning, bus lanes etc).