Urbanage - Ghent case - temporally closure Contributie bridge in Ghent, two directions

STATUS: ongoing

LOCATION: Greece, Athens

TARGET AUDIENCE: Policymakers, city officials, city employees, public transportation experts


As a city official I want to evaluate the impact of reducing the traffic in a road in the center, indicatively close the traffic by 25% or in one lane etc. The aim is to exploit this section of the road for alternative routing e.g pedestrian, cycling route, micromobility etc.


Your goal is to simulate the extension of a pedestrian road e.g. the extension Great walk pedestrian until Kallimarmaro Stadium and see the result in the traffic flows.


If the result in nearby traffic is forecasted to be low then the policy can be enhanced and promoted for implementation by the city.




Athens partial reduction of traffic

Partial reduction of traffic e.g. by 25% in a road in order to monitor the result in nearby traffic.

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Athens partial reduction of traffic
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