As a policymaker, I want to simulate the impact of public green (trees) and buildings on the amount of shade in Athens. As a public, I want to get an overview of the shadow rich places to shelter.

STATUS : ongoing

LOCATION : Athens, Greece

TARGET AUDIENCE : Policymakers and citizens of Athens


A policymaker can use the map to navigate through the city and see where buildings and trees are in 3D. By selecting the daylight function every day and hour can be simulated to elaborate the amount of shade. The policymaker can use the map to place benches in the most shadow rich places or find areas where additional trees are needed. 


The expected outcome is a 3D map visualising the road network, the terrain, buildings and trees. The user can shift in day and time to see the shadow impact on the terrain. Policymakers and citizens can elaborate on the availability and position of benches.