Urbanage - Ghent case - temporally closure Contributie bridge in Ghent, two directions


In the framework of the DUET project, we can predict traffic using a model created by the university of Leuven, KUL.
Connecting the traffic model was a tough challenge, high speed visualisation was an even bigger challenge.

STATUS : started

LOCATION : Belgium, Ghent

TARGET AUDIENCE : city planners, policy makers, police


Based on the actual traffic situation, the traffic model calculates what traffic volumes can be expected at the same time in the surrounding streets when one or more streets are closed. To make the maps easier to understand, a delta map will be created, clearly showing areas with increased and decreased traffic volumes.

The idea is that an expert can block the traffic on a set of roads and let the model calculate the impact on the other roads in the area.  The before and after traffic can be displayed, as well as a delta map showing the streets that have increased and decreased traffic.

Check this video to see the model in action

DEMO - Shadow impact in the city of Ghent


Using this tool, simulations can be made for many purposes. Ranging from closing streets for street parties to the closure of a part of the city on car-free days.