Urbanage - Ghent case - delta layer


How best to visualise the simulation of the impact of a road closure on the traffic in the surrounding streets in an unambiguous and comprehensive way?

That was the question that triggered the DUET technical team to create the delta layer.
The delta layer shows – at a glance – where traffic volumes increase due to an intervention (pink colours) and where they decrease (green colours).
By using colour gradients, visitors immediately get an idea of the extent of the impact. More intensive colours indicate higher impact.

STATUS : started

LOCATION : Belgium, Ghent



The two-colours-gradient delta layer did not combine well with the multi-coloured OpenStreetMap base map. That’s why we created a greyscale version of the base layer, making the delta layer stand out better. We also optimised the colours used for people suffering colour blindness.


In preparation for this testing, specialists set up the simulation of the blockage of road segments. Traffic models calculate the effects in the surrounding streets. All calculations are bundled in an export layer.
You, and every other visitor can make a delta layer, starting from this export layer.


Urbanage - Ghent case - delta layer