STATUS: started

LOCATION: Czech Republic, Pilsen

TARGET AUDIENCE: intern, experts


The city of Pilsen was one of the pilot cities of the S4AllCities EU project during which a 3D model of the Pilsen football stadium was created. Together with the DUET application, the model was used in a tactical exercise that took place at the stadium within the project.
The map layers available in DUET, including a detailed 3D model of the football stadium, facilitate the planning of tactical exercises of the Integrated Rescue System. The digital twin can be used to simulate the closure of the “Rychtářka” crossroad which is an entry/exit point for the rescue vehicles to/from the stadium during the tactical exercise. Total or partial closure of the crossroad and its impact on the surrounding traffic can be simulated. DUET application can also be used to assess the placement of roadblocks and equipment, to find the ideal locations for the drones to take off (in relation to the trees in the park) and places in the shade that would be a suitable site for the injured. Locations of hospitals in which the injured were taken can also be found in DUET.


Use the DUET application and its features to visualize a 3D model of the football stadium and other existing layers (traffic model, 3D city model) to plan the tactical exercise.


The tool can be used to plan future tactical exercises of the integrated rescue system and visualize the impact of the “Rychtářka” crossroad closure on the traffic.




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