Urbanage - Ghent case - temporally closure Contributie bridge in Ghent, two directions

STATUS: started

LOCATION: Czech Republic, Pilsen

TARGET AUDIENCE: citizens, experts


The City of Pilsen is planning to carry out several large-scale construction projects throughout the city in the coming years. Planning and city development is the responsibility of several city organizations that coordinate the city’s plans. The DUET application helps to plan new development and facilitate communication between the authorities and the public.
The DUET application allows the insertion of custom 3D data into an existing 3D model of the city. Thus, urban planners can visualize how the new development will look in the context of the existing one, try out the different project variants considered (e.g. height differences, variant building layouts, etc.), use the application’s functions to solve the shading of the existing development, find out information about traffic intensity, noise and air pollution in the area of the new development, try out new viewing perspectives created by the new development, draw their own 3D objects in the map composition, etc.


Use the DUET application to import different variants of residential buildings in Nepomucka Street. Use existing layers (3D city model, noise pollution, air pollution, traffic model) and application features to assess the appropriate variant of the planned development.


The map visualization of the 3D model of the new development and the existing 3D buildings of the city, together with other layers available in DUET, will provide a new view of the location. The created visualizations are a suitable basis for presenting (communicating) the project to citizens, urban experts and policymakers to address issues related to the planned development (construction of new roads, parking lots, public transport stops, public lighting, playgrounds, planting new trees, etc.). As a result, a suitable project option should be proposed.


Pilsen use case - new development in Nepomucka street - importing new data in Planner widget
Pilsen use case - new development in Nepomucka street - drawing of new data in Planner widget