To improve the lives of its citizens, the City of Pilsen has decided to install solar benches, cameras, parking meters and potentially other smart devices in one of the city parks. Since the city does not want to build electrical infrastructure for each of the devices, all of them have to be solar-powered. Therefore, it is necessary to place the devices or their external solar panels in locations with sufficient sunlight.

In the case of cameras, it is vital to find ideal locations for their installation with regards to the field of view. 

STATUS : started

LOCATION : Czech Republic, Pilsen

TARGET AUDIENCE : public, experts


Use the DUET mapping platform to identify locations with sufficient sunshine for the installation of planned equipment.

The platform can also be used to identify locations with a suitable field of view for the installation of cameras. However, this functionality will not be tested.


The expected outcome is finding suitable locations and count of the devices in the city park for the installation of the facilities. Working with the DUET platform can also lead to building a self-sufficient solar network and the possibility of building a network of smart devices and sensors (IoT) that can use solar energy.