Ghent – simulation closure Nieuwewandeling street, one direction

STATUS: started LOCATION: Belgium, Ghent TARGET AUDIENCE: public CHALLENGE Ghent is one of the major cities of Flanders and is home to 265,000 inhabitants. During spring 2022, a new bicycle tunnel was constructed near the city centre. The impact of the planned works on traffic was fairly large and

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Ghent – Citizens evaluate impact of closing a bridge for traffic

CHALLENGE How best to visualise the simulation of the impact of a road closure on the traffic in the surrounding streets in an unambiguous and comprehensive way? That was the question that triggered the DUET technical team to create the delta layer. The delta layer shows - at a glance - where traffic

2022-06-28T09:59:14+00:00February 10th, 2022|Duet, Flanders, Uncategorized|

Ghent – traffic model demo, closure of a bridge

CHALLENGE In the framework of the DUET project, we can predict traffic using a model created by the university of Leuven, KUL. Connecting the traffic model was a tough challenge, high speed visualisation was an even bigger challenge. STATUS : started LOCATION : Belgium, Ghent TARGET AUDIENCE : city

2022-06-28T10:23:09+00:00January 13th, 2022|Belgium, Duet, Flanders, Ghent, Traffic Simulation Model|
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