Urbanage - case presentation


Senior citizens are vulnerable to the harmful effects of extreme heat during the summertime.
Urbanage is a European project focusing on improving the life quality of senior citizens, based on smart city data. One of the Urbanage initiatives is to detect comfortable, shadow rich places inside the city.
It was challenging to find the suitable data layers and software to make these simulations. But the main challenge will be to customise this information and make it relevant and easily understandable for the senior citizens community.

STATUS : started

LOCATION : Belgium, Ghent

TARGET AUDIENCE : citizens of Ghent


Based on the terrain data and the spread of trees and buildings, the shadow impact can be simulated perfectly at different time intervals during the day and for each day of the year by using our map viewer. Check out the “how to use” section and try it yourself.


Starting from today, senior citizens of the city of Ghent can see where they can find refreshing, shadow-rich areas inside the city on extremely hot summer days. They can investigate easily at what time their favourite bench will be covered by the shadows of nearby trees and buildings.
We warmly invite all citizens of Ghent to locate and comment on their favourite public spot in the city to rest during hot summer days.